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Words of Inspiration

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Your circumstances will not lead to true happiness

Let people in to push the eating disorder out

Place objects throughout your house to remind you of the importance of your recovery

Seperating yourself from the eating disorder is an essential part of recovery

Embrace the fact that you are amazing

Being ordinary leads to an extraordinary life

Approach the uncertainity of tomorrow with excitement and anticipation, not fear

Great lives are led fearlessly by applying the loving kindness of an open heart

ED cant survive when you open your heart to love

Speak and act from a place of joy

Find reasons to be joyful today

Behaviors that are reflective of your values will lead you to a sense of meaning and purpose

What role does forgiveness play in your recovery

Stop trying to do and just be

Do something challenging and really enjoy it

Shoulds seldom get you to where you want to be

With every breath you take imagine breating out worry and anxiety

Your choice: Feed your soul or feed your anxiety

Life is about collecting more love than pain. Open up your heart to the love that surrounds you. Don't let fear take that away from you.

Imagine your life without fears. Imagine your life the way you were meant to live it.

Make a goal today that makes you anxious and complete it. Don't let fear be your guide in life.

You win when you have more love than pain in your heart.

Forgiveness is easy to receive but difficult to give.

Recovery happens when you give and receive love

ED is based in fear. Be fearless today

If you want others to be happy practice kindness. If you want to be happy be kind to yourself

Small steps will more likely get you to your destination while allowing you to notice the journey

Accept support. You deserve the love others feel for you

Reflect before you react. Turn off the automatic pilot in your head

You are not your thoughts

Feed your soul. Do 10 kind things for others and 10 kind things for yourself by Monday

Small changes each day done everyday will get you to recovery. Reach out, be kind to yourself, take a walk, compliment someone, tell someone how important they are to you, let go of an old grudge

Do something today ED does not want you to do

Take 10 breaths today and listen to the sounds of your breathing

Happiness is not the absence of problems but the willingness to face them with the support of those who love you

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