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Our Staff are Some of the Most Experienced Clinicians in the Region

Dr Tony Paulson has treated patients with eating disorders for more than 28 years and has lectured extensively on the topic to community groups and professionals. He is an adjunct professor at Sacramento State and teaches core classes at JFK University's eating disorders certificate program. He co-authored the book, "Why She Feels Fat: Understanding Your Loved One's Eating Disorder and How You Can Help" and "It was Never about the Food: Stories of Recovery from Eating Disorders. Dr Paulson's approach to treating anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder utilizes a combination of education, cognitive therapy, and experiential activities. Dr Paulson is the only clinician in Sacramento to be certified in Family Based Treatment by the Training Institute for Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders (see maudsleyparents.org). 

Your path to recovery starts with reaching out for help. I appreciate you visiting our web site and considering treatment. The path you are about to walk on can at times be steep and full of obstacles. You might feel like you can't take another step or the obstacles are too large to overcome. Yet at other times it might feel like the path is never ending. I can assure you that you will not walk this path alone. You will be given direction, guidance, and comfort on your journey to recovery by our dedicated staff.  Recovery is living a life you were meant to live and letting go of the fears that feed your eating disorder. Life away from your eating disorder has trials and struggles but is also full of love and connection to others. Open yourself up to the possibilities! - Tony Paulson, Ph.D.

Please feel free to email Dr. Paulson at [email protected]

You can also find him at http://www.facebook.com/sierratreatmentcenter 




Leilani Sechler is a marriage and family therapist who has been working in the field of eating disorders for the past 7 years. She has experience treating clients at all levels of care including residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and outpatient levels of care. She is currently the program Director at Center for Discovery in Sacramento which is a residential program for adult clients with eating disorders. Leilani has training in several treatment approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy and shame resilience. In addition, Leilani specializes in trauma treatment and uses brainspotting therapy to address symptoms of PTSD especially as they relate to issues with addiction and eating. Leilani has extensive experience working with the families and loves ones of patients with eating disorders and is also passionate about providing support to loved ones who are trying to help their family members through the process of recovery from diagnosis to treatment and beyond.


I believe eating disorders serve a purpose. Though you may be experiencing great shame about your eating behaviors, there is a reason that you cling to it. Perhaps it is a way to deal with the pressures of life. Perhaps it is a way to numb the pain of past traumas, hurts, and abuse. Whatever the cause we can work toward lasting healing. Let me walk beside you in this journey toward recovery! 


Kelly Melanson is a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Body Positive Facilitator who specializes in providing nutrition therapy to adolescents and adults struggling with disordered eating. She is currently the Registered Dietitian at Center for Discovery’s Eating Disorder Residential Facility for adult women and Center for Discovery’s Mood and Anxiety Program for adolescent boys and girls. Kelly received her Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics with a minor in Biology at California State University Sacramento and later completed her Dietetic Internship at Stony Brook Medicine in New York. During her Internship, Kelly explored various areas of nutrition and was given the opportunity to work with a private practice Dietitian specializing in eating disorders. This experience was a turning point for Kelly and ignited her desire for working in the field of eating disorders and mental health. She is passionate about providing personalized nutrition care and counseling to individuals and their families and enjoys helping people reject the diet mentality while learning to make peace with food. 


Dr. Beauchene completed her undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of the Pacific. She then worked on a Masters program before attending UC Davis for medical school. She did her Psychiatry Residency at UCSF-Fresno Campus. While at UCSF she developed an interest in eating disorders and trained at the Stanford - Lucile Packard Children's Hospital. She has since returned to Sacramento where she has been working as the Staff Psychiatrist for the Center for Discovery - Sacramento house, for the past 5 years. She has also served as the Sacramento Chapter President for the Central California Psychiatry Association and published a chapter about the treatment of eating disorders in the book "Primary Care Psychiatry." 



Kailey Cunningham is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who obtained a Master's of Dietetics degree from the University of Kentucky after completing both her undergraduate studies in Dietetics and accredited dietetic internship at the same university. She has been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist since February of 2013 and has been working in the eating disorder field since 2015. Kailey has experience treating clients at many levels of care, from partial hospitalization programming to outpatient, with a variety of diagnoses including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, ARFID and OSFED . She began working at The Emily Program in Lacey, Washington for three years where she acted as the full time programming dietitian. While in this position, she worked directly with a lead therapist to develop an adolescent treatment track implementing elements of Family Based Treatment and gaining invaluable experience working with adolescents and their parents. She then worked at Center for Discovery in Tacoma, Washington while building her nutrition counseling private practice. She began her successful practice in April of 2018 and moved it with her from Olympia, Washington to Rocklin, California in October 2020. She is excited to join the Sierra Treatment Center team and start seeing clients in the Sacramento area in March of 2021. Kailey’s primary motivator and true passion is supporting others on their journey to a more peaceful and balanced relationship with food and their bodies. Through individualized nutrition counseling and education, she helps those struggling with eating disorder behaviors, body image issues, food aversion and health anxieties find what is right for them while leaving diet culture behind.




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