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Intensive Outpatient Program (Adults)


Sierra Treatment Center (STC) offers an adult intensive outpatient program for those suffering from anorexia or bulimia nervosa. This is a time limited program (20 treatment days) that focuses on providing patients and their families with the information and direction they need to recover from their eating disorders. It is anticipated at the completion of the program patients will have a clear understanding of their path to recovery. In addition, family and other support members will understand and gain experience regarding their vital roles in their loved one’s recovery. The clinical staff at STC will begin working with the patients outpatient team upon admission to insure a seamless transition to outpatient care that enables the patient to maintain and build on their momentum toward recovery.

Treatment Philosophy

The IOP utilizes a combination of individual and family therapy with strong educational and experiential components to create a treatment environment that prepares patients for their continued outpatient care and subsequent recovery. By the end of the program patients and their loved ones, will have a clear understanding of what is needed for their continued success as they move toward recovery.

Individual Treatment Component

Patients receive individualized treatment plans, psychotherapy and nutrition counseling to address their specific clinical issues. The treatment plans will directly address eating disorder issues as well as other comorbid issues like anxiety and depression.  

Group Treatment Component

Treatment in the IOP includes process and psychoeducational groups. The average size of the program is 4-6 patients which allows considerable individual attention to the unique needs of each patient. The focus of the psychoeducational groups is developing an understanding of the origins of each patient’s eating disorder and creating a plan to further their recovery.  

Family Support Component

The IOP provides education and support for family and loved ones. This services occurs weekly with each family and the lead clinician.

Supervised Meals

When clinically indicated patients and their families will have supervised meals. During these meetings families will learn their role in supporting their loved one’s during meals.

Specialized Individual Programs

For those also needing specialized care in other areas, the IOP is flexible enough to offer services for those who have experienced trauma and who experience issues with addiction.

Unique Features of our Program

  • Maximum of 20 treatment days
  • An average of 6 patients which enables the treatment team to tailor the program to the clinical needs of each patient
  • Weekly meetings with each patients’ outpatient treatment team
  • Supervised family meals
  • Patients will develop and implement their unique recovery plans that can be used in their ongoing outpatient treatment
  • Weekly individual, family therapy as well as nutrition counseling
  • Treatment from highly specialized clinicians with extensive experience
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