Family Intensive Outpatient Program

Sierra Treatment Center of Sacramento’s Family Intensive Outpatient Program (FIOP) is a time limited, single family treatment program that actively engages families in the treatment of anorexia and bulimia nervosa. The intent of the program is to provide families the information and experiences they need to effectively participate in their loved one’s recovery. Only one patient and his or her family participate in the program at any one time. This allows for privacy and individual attention to the unique needs of the patient and his or her family.


 The program is tailored to the specific needs of the patient and his or her family. Each patient and family receives 1-2 days of intensive treatment and education followed by individual therapy, family therapy, and continued education and support for 9-12 months. The purpose of the initial 1-2 days of intensive treatment and education is to prepare patients and their families for long term recovery from eating disorders. Patients and families will receive the information and tools they need to create an environment of recovery that originates within the home. The family and the family relationships are seen as tools to help the patient recover from his or her eating disorder.

The FIOP consists of a combination of educational classes, experiential activities, individual and family therapy, and supervised meals. All classes and experiential activities are conducted by Dr. Tony Paulson who has nearly three decades of experience treating patients with eating disorders.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the days and times of the program?  Each patient and family receives two days of intensive treatment and education followed by continued individual therapy, family therapy, education, and support for 9-12 months. The initial two days of treatment occurs on consecutive Mondays from 12-5pm. Subsequent treatment will be scheduled to minimize the impact on school and work obligations. We do not want patients or families to have to take significant time off of work or school in order to receive treatment. 


How much work or school should a family and patient anticipate taking offPatients and families should anticipate taking the initial two days of intensive treatment off from school or work. After that all services are scheduled around patients and families work and school schedules. 


Will insurance cover the cost of the programYour insurance may pay for part of the program. Prior to beginning, families will receive an estimate of the cost of the program.


How does someone get started in the programThe first step in the program is the assessment. During the assessment the patient and family will meet with a clinician for 2 hours. Once the assessment is complete a treatment plan will be recommended to the family and the initial two days of intensive treatment will be scheduled.  

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