Services Offered

Treatment begins with a thorough psychosocial assessment. Following the assessment patients meet with a clinician to determine the type of treatment that is most appropriate for them.  We offer a variety of treatment options that range from individual or family therapy to our more intensive and structured Family Intensive Outpatient Program.

Family Intensive Outpatient Program (FIOP)
We are proud to offer a unique treatment program for those suffering from eating disorders. We have a time limited, single family immersion program. Each patient and his or her family receives 2 days of intensive treatment and education followed by individual therapy, family therapy, psychoeducation, and support for 9-12 months. The purpose of the initial two days of intensive treatment and education is to prepare patients and families for treatment. During treatment patients and families will receive information and the tools they need to create an environment of recovery that originates within the home.

Individual and Family Therapy

Individual and family therapy are typically the cornerstones of a treatment plan. It is during individual therapy that the patient explores the meaning of the eating disorder in his or her life and problem solves ways of living without it. In addition, individual therapy gives patients an opportunity to explore other ways of experiencing and managing their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Family therapy is a place where families can learn and practice supporting their loved one's recovery. In family therapy barriers to the patient's recovery are identified and removed. In addition, families learn the important role they play in their loved one's long term recovery.

Family Based Treatment (FBT)

Family Based Treatment (AKA  Maudsley Approach) is a specific type of treatment for adolescents struggling with Anorexia. This approach utilizes the parents and family as active participants in the restoration of the patient’s weight, physical health and normalization of eating. This approach aims at preventing hospitalization, assisting parents in restoring their child’s weight, and helping him or her return to normal adolescent development free of an eating disorder. 

Education Classes

We offer a variety of education classes for patients and non-patients.  These are private classes for the patient/non-patient and their family or support people.  

Addiction and Eating Disorders

Some people suffering from eating disorders also struggle with substance and behavioral addictions. We offer treatment options to address addictions that overlap with eating disorders. 

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