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When do you know you are in the right type of treatment?  -Dr. Tony Paulson

This is a common question as patients and their loved ones struggle to find the best type and level of care. The goal of treatment is recovery so if you see improvement and movement toward recovery that would be an important consideration. Another thing to consider is whether the treatment is helping in your long term recovery. In other words are you learning things in treatment that will help you recover and stay recovered? The relapse rate for people suffering from eating disorders is nearly 50%. Why is this so high? Why do so many people after leaving treatment relapse? Part of the answer has to do with the level of family involvement in the patients treatment. Are the family members learning how to help their loved one sustain his or her recovery when she is no longer in treatment? I tell patients and their families that the combination of family involvement and treatment that leads to abstinence from their eating disorders is the right level of care for them as long as they do not need acute medical care. If the combination of family involvement and treatment is not producing a change in their eating disorder behavior a change in the treatment is warranted and can include more intensive family involvement or higher levels of treatment.

The Rollercoaster of Recovery  - Dr. Tony Paulson

The process of recovery sometimes seems cruel. At least initially the better you do the worse you feel. Its so hard for many people to fight through that initial stage because the more they distance themselves from ED the more anxious they feel. Eventually the anxiety subsides but how do you sit through the initial anxiety associated with recovery? I think an important piece of getting through it is to have someone supporting you through the process. Someone who will be sympathetic to your struggles but still be a barrier to you engaging in your eating disorder.

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